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At ELIN RITTER we are on a mission to reduce waste
If you are like us; a person who appreciates the true value of a garment, including all work that lies behind, you care to know who makes your garment, and all precious natural resources that have been used throughout its supply chain then please read on.

We wish to contribute to a fashion industry that is ‘circular as opposed to linear’, in which nothing goes to waste and everything is utilized, reutilized, repurposed and recycled in the most effective and sustainable manner possible. Our ultimate goal to close the loop and become a 100% sustainable business. It is a step by step process, and it is a team effort, so below are a few ways you can help us to bring both ends closer to each other.

We have therefore created our own Vintage & Rental section, where you can rent our one-off couture designs as well as resell your bikinis. The resell program is in its beta phase at the moment. Stay tuned for more info.